At the beginning of the year, the foreign book department was merged with Fusheng Company to establish a book business department. The company expanded from 200 people to 600 people, doubling its performance. By the end of 2021, the Book Business Department has four major sectors:

Foreign Books and Periodicals Department
Domestic Books and Periodicals Department
Stereoscopic Books and Periodicals Department
Ali International Department.

After several years of heavy, the company's products have been recognized by the same industry and customers, with a good reputation and reputation, and customer orders have increased. The company has grown from 100 people to 150 people.
The market demand for stereoscopic books increased and sales rose. The company funded the establishment of the "Xiangnan Horse" stereo book business department.

In the second year of its establishment, Fusheng is recognized by customers. Improve service, delivery time and quality.

The group company was founded in 1999. In order to highlight the advantages of book production and better serve customers, Fusheng Printing, which operates independently, was separated in 2017

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