Fusheng Printing successfully passed ICTI system certification
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        Fusheng Printing successfully passed the ICTI system certification and became a leader in China's printing industry.


        As a company committed to providing high-quality printing services, the ICTI certification is further proof of the company's commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development.
ICTI (International Toy Industry Association) system certification is one of the most authoritative social responsibility certification worldwide, designed to ensure that enterprises comply with laws and regulations in the production process, pay attention to employee welfare, protect the environment and other requirements. The acquisition of ICTI system certification means that the company strictly abides by relevant laws and regulations in the production process to ensure the quality and safety of products. At the same time, the company also pays attention to the welfare of employees, provides a good working environment and training opportunities, and pays attention to the health and safety of employees. In addition, the company also actively takes measures to protect the environment and reduce the consumption and pollution of natural resources. The company is committed to promoting green printing, using environmentally friendly materials and processes to reduce waste generation and improve resource utilization efficiency.
       The success of Fusheng Printing through ICTI system certification is not only an affirmation of the company's long-term efforts, but also a guarantee for customers. The company will continue to adhere to the "quality first, customer first" principle, to provide customers with better printing services.
       Fusheng Printing will continue to be committed to social responsibility and sustainable development, constantly improve its management level and technical capabilities, and make greater contributions to the development of China's printing industry.

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